Rising Seas

seas-rising-duo-2962693492-1551802992858.jpgIf you live here, you know our region is already impacted by flooding during high tides or bad rain storms.  All the while, we have not recovered fully from Superstorm Sandy. More families have lost cars, homes and jobs to flooding since Sandy and subsequent storms. It’s high time we take action to mitigate the flooding we are facing. If we are able to avoid worsening climate impacts in the next 5-25 years it is possible many of our at-risk communities can learn to live with water. If we can’t, our communities will face serious challenges.    

According to a 2018 report by the Union of Concerned Scientists, New Jersey is second in the nation, behind Florida, for most homes at risk from chronic flooding due to rising seas. Tidal flooding is worsening—with increased risk and damage when we have major storms. Over 60,000 properties in NJ could be at risk for chronic flooding by 2045.

Community members must be actively engaged in planning for the future of their homes and towns. We work to educate residents about the connection between the flooding they experience and the need for renewable energy, because we believe renewables are the offense to sea level rise, and while community mitigation and adaptation projects are the defense.

Our goal is to develop community led mitigation and adaptation plans in three towns/areas in 2019 and 2020 while also being a part of conversations to bring renewable energy, like offshore wind, to New Jersey and ensure it benefits our communities.  


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