A New Grid: How Do We Get There?

By Robert Freudenberg, Vice President of Energy and Environment for Regional Plan Association First constructed in the early 1900’s, the grid (a vast and long-established network of power plants, substations, transformers, and power lines known as the electric grid that power our communities) is continually being added to and improved to ensure reliability, reduce vulnerabilities, Read More »

Protect Our Ocean Neighbors

By Amber Hewitt, Program Director for the National Wildlife Foundation Offshore wind power is the nation’s largest, nearly untapped clean energy solution. It presents an opportunity to replace the carbon-polluting fossil fuels that are driving climate change, which threaten marine and coastal ecosystems. It is imperative that as we advance climate solutions, we do so Read More »

Imagining a Future for the Jersey Shore

By Lisa Campanella, Senior Policy Analyst, and Cameron Foster, Communications Organizer When I think about what the year 2050 will look like for the Jersey Shore, I picture a future that isn’t too different from the present. The things that make me proud to call it my lifelong home are still here, from friendly neighbors Read More »

Both Sides of Offshore Wind Claim Victory

Both Sides of Offshore Wind Claim Victory / The Sandpaper / November 15, 2023 By Gina G. Scala If there’s a message proponents of wind farms planned off the coast of New Jersey want to make clear in the wake of Ørsted’s announcement that it was abandoning its two projects, it’s this: It isn’t over. Read More »

Documentary Film, Tuckerton Gathering Favor Ocean Wind Farms

Documentary Film, Tuckerton Gathering Favor Ocean Wind Farms / The Sandpaper / May 10, 2023 By Rick Mellerup A new short documentary film regarding ocean wind farms, directed by Jon Coen, premiered last Sunday evening at the Union Market, located at the Tuckerton Seaport in Tuckerton. A panel discussion followed at the event, which drew Read More »

Wrapping up a successful spring season with Ida Community Meetings

Over the last few months, we hosted a series of community meetings for Hurricane Ida survivors across hard-hit areas, including Manville, Somerville, Bergen County, Milford, and virtually – along with some amazing partner organizations who hosted meetings across Newark, Elizabeth, and Hudson County. Armed with information about the state’s newly-released grant programs, alongside our own Read More »

Little Egg Harbor Bulkhead Project Begins Soon

Little Egg Harbor Bulkhead Project Begins Soon / The Sandpaper / April 26, 2023 By Gina Scala Flanked by the bay to east and the Pine Barrens to the west, Little Egg Harbor Township lies at the southernmost end of Ocean County, about as far from offshore wind development as a Jersey Shore community can Read More »

Slow ships to lessen collisions with whales

Slow ships to lessen collisions with whales / Press of Atlantic City / March 8, 2023 In summer ice cream consumption rises and so do shark attacks. Obviously there is no causal connection between these disparate facts. (Thanks to Dr. Amy for this example of correlation not causation.) Likewise, as emphasized by NOAA scientists, there Read More »