About NJRP

The New Jersey Resource Project’s mission is to educate and connect community leaders to work together for solutions and take action toward an economically just and resilient future. We work with those directly impacted, people who have critical expertise.  Founded by Superstorm Sandy survivors left out in the cold by state recovery programs, we’ve achieved real results and continue efforts to reform broken disaster recovery systems.  Today, we have two additional areas of focus:  protect our healthcare and tackle the overdose crisis, and community-led solutions to address climate change and impacts in New Jersey.  

And then COVID-19 changed the fabric of our lives.  These are challenging and uncertain times.  In this global emergency, two things have become clear.  Our communities are precious and our economy is tenuous.  Our organization is working to be a trusted resource in a time of crisis as many of our members have been hit economically, and will likely also experience illness in their immediate circles.  Yet, when we emerge from this, the same underlying challenges exist in our communities will remain and be exacerbated — and community leadership will be even more crucial to navigate us through this period.