Our Stories: Jody Stewart 

After Superstorm Sandy I found myself angry at everything. I didn’t know who to direct my anger or even how to do. I heard about the New Jersey Resource Project and the changes they were making. Being part of  a power organization such as the New Jersey Resource Project has given me a sense of purpose. With the New Jersey Resource Project I have found my voice.This change has given me drive to change things for myself and my community. To fight for what my community needs and deserves. I refuse to sit back and allow a system to continue taking from the working class and make the people of my neighborhood feel that we are struggling to keep their heads above water.

There is so much I want to accomplish with the NJRP.  Healthcare is very important to me as it is to most people. I know what it has been like to be without insurance.  I was almost without it once more this year but I appealed and won and am able to keep my coverage under Medicaid because I learned how to fight, to win. I shouldn’t have had to do this. We all deserve the right to have healthcare and not worry if medical bills will break you. This leads to my one long term goal.  “Healthcare for all”. It is time we are on the side of deciding what our healthcare should be in NJ instead of always trying to protect it from cuts. I believe this can be done and that NJOP will be a big part of it.

Jody Stewart 

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