NJRP 5 Year Anniversary Leadership Retreat

We are gathering to reflect on our last five years and imagine the change we will create in the next five.  We will be equipped and inspired to stand up and speak out for the future our communities deserve. We will celebrate our victories, the leadership that has gotten us this far, dig into our lessons, and create our vision for our next five years.  


Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center Lanoka Harbor NJ

Saturday November 16 10am – Sunday November 17th 6pm

We’ll be bringing in guest trainers/allies & hearing from our leaders and members.  Right now we have confirmed:

Wendoly Marte, Community Change

Tammy Thomas-Miles, Community Change

Janice Fine, School of Management and Labor Relations Rutgers University

       Connie Huynh, Peoples Action Institute

More trainer/speaker information and bios to follow and we will update you about new participants. 

CLICK HERE TO APPLY TO ATTEND. Applications can be edited after submitting if necessary.

Draft Agenda:

Day 1 

10 am – 11:45 am Welcome and Opening:

11:45 am – 12pm break and refreshment

12:00pm – 1:45 pm Skills & Training Lunch in rooms

2pm – 3:15 pm Speakers and Panel – People Politics Before Party Politics

3:30pm – 4:45 Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, we stand together.  

4:45pm – 6pm Winning solutions

  • Ending Overdose in NJ 
  • Preparing for future storms and flooding 
  • Sandy recovery 

Dinner and closing 6pm – 7pm

Day 2

9:30am – 10am: Welcome & Recap

10am – 12pm:  Sharing the power of our story, experiences, and vision. 

12pm – 1pm: Lunch and TBD

1pm – 2pm:  Working together for solutions 

2pm – 3:45pm: Skills & Training Part 2

4pm – 5pm:  Our Future – the next 5 years

5pm – 6pm:  Closing and presenting “Stand Up Speak Out” awards

Cost & FAQ:

Can I come for just Saturday or Sunday? 

We’re putting together a powerful two day training, and we’d encourage you to attend both days.  We know in some instances though that won’t be possible, just check with the organizer who invited you about registering for one day. 

Do I have to stay overnight?

Staying over is a great opportunity to get away, connect with other members, and be ready and focused on the weekend. Consider if the commute would add a lot of stress or time.  We’d encourage everyone who is comfortable staying over to do so, but understand some people may not choose to. Depending on how many people register to stay overnight, you may have a roommate, we will keep you updated.  

Will there be childcare?

If you need it!  Please let us know in your application.

Can I help plan or be involved?

So glad you asked.  YES. Please let us know in your application.

Can I invite this person I think would be a good team member and benefit?

Sure!  Send them the application and give an organizer a heads up about who and why. And thanks for inviting a new person.

What’s the cost?

$40 for the weekend

$20 for two days without staying over

$10 for one day

Scholarships & discounts for members of allied organizations are available.


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