Should Schools Reopen?

One of the thorniest situations to arise during the coronavirus pandemic has been whether or not to reopen schools and if so how to do so safely. Schools reopened in a variety of ways; a minority started as all in-person instruction, some all-virtual learning, but most began as a hybrid, a mix of in-person and virtual learning.

Experts on all sides agreed reopening schools was paramount, but it must be done safely. “Safely” generally translated to mean reopen in hybrid or in-person fashion only if there were low transmission rates in the school communities and the schools established safety protocols like masks, social distancing, hand washing, small classes, enhanced air ventilation, increase use of the outdoors, keeping the sick at home, testing and quarantining procedures. 

Learn more while exploring these issues in depth in this presentation by NJRP Board Member, Dr. Amy Williams.  Dr. Amy shared this on a “Community Coming Together COVID-19 Virtual Meeting in August.”

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