Election Results during COVID-19

Just about everything is different in 2020, and the November election will be no exception.  One of the biggest differences is that there may not be a clear winner on election night. 

Every eligible voter should have their voice heard and their vote counted. It is going to take longer to count the votes and decide a winner in this year’s election — and that’s okay. Due to coronavirus and health concerns, more people will be voting by mail or dropbox than ever before.  

Absentee ballots take longer to count because of security measures to verify the accuracy of those ballots. Some states can’t even start counting absentee ballots until after polls have  closed on election night. Plus, due to the pandemic, election officials will be working with reduced staff. We need to be patient so election officials can take the time to make sure  every eligible vote is counted accurately. 

Here’s the general calendar of events for the election cycle this fall, infographic courtesy of NJ Spotlight:

And no matter what happens in this election we will still be here – standing up and speaking out for our communities.  We look forward to doing that together.  Here are some stories about our recent work:

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