Win/Win Wind

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To the Editor:

Recently I’ve been hearing negative comments about the offshore wind energy project. People are saying they “heard” that the windmills will kill migratory birds and will have a negative impact on commercial and recreational fishing. None of this is true.

First, I’d like to say that if you research these items, all the statistics gathered from wind energy farms in other countries show evidence to the contrary. Second, the wind farms will be 10 to 15 miles off the shore. They will be barely visible, if at all.

The main thing I want to say is that job opportunities are becoming available because of offshore wind. In Paulsboro, there is a very large factory and port being built that will manufacture and supply the windmills and towers for the entire east coast of New Jersey. It will create thousands of well-paying, long-lasting skilled jobs. These will be union jobs with good wages and benefits. The unions need to hire many new workers to fill these positions. Training is currently starting and being provided by the various unions.

Wind energy is a win/win situation. It will be a good source of clean, sustainable energy and will provide many families with a good livelihood for many years to come.

Please research your concerns before taking a negative view of this project. It is a big project that will improve all of our lives for years to come.

Chuck Griffin

Little Egg Harbor

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